Ninja Magic: Secrets of Ninjutsu

Enter into the secret mysteries of Ninja Magic, Ninjutusu, also known as Kuji-Kiri and Majutsu, as practiced by ancient Kung Fu and Martial Arts masters of the art, the Secrets of Ninjutusu is an esoteric and mystical knowledge that has been highly safeguarded and treasured in Oriental culture.

The sacred ninja wisdom which was once only given to legends, monks, and warriors of the renown, is now available to all of those who seek to dive into the deep waters of the Ninjutsu Zen, and become master of your own universe with this magical art.

This app features the Ninjutsu magic ritual of the 9 diagrams, also called the 9 cuts, accompanied by all meditations and mantras in accordance with the Ninja culture, incorporating all of the 9 sacred Kanji symbols, which also serve as magic talismans, (Rin, Pyo, To, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, and Zen), with instructions on meditations which compliment each Kanji, along with definitions, and sacred hand Mudras to be used in conjunction with each symbol to complete the meditation process.

By practicing the ninjutsu ritual on a daily basis, adepts attue themselves with the Universal will, also known as the Tao, and by doing so are cutting through the "matrix" of the mundane, thus, entering a higher and more aware state of consious being, only that which is valued and prized by the Yogis, the wisemen, and oracles of the Japanese esoteric Buddhist tradition.

Each Meditation can be practiced as a stand alone method of Yoga, or in chronological order until the student arrives at the Ninjutsu ritual of "The Nine Cuts," which is timely when mastered, and can be practiced on a daily basis, to energize and prep oneself for the day, or after a long days work as a means of "grounding," or to "decompress."

If you like Yoga, Tai-Chi, and Qigong, then you will love Secrets of Ninjutsu.

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