King Solomon's Greater Key (for Android)

Enter the world of possibilities with the "Solomon's Key", bringing the Greater Key of Solomon-also known as "Clavicula Salomonus"-into the palm of your hand. Bringing the secret mysteries and magic of the Kabbalah, simplified into 7 plus easy to access modules, with all planetary seals necessary for the invocation of the angelic powers, the invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel, this magical tool also comes with bonus access to all Solomonic texts and Grimoires as published in the 15th Century, including;

The Greater Key of Solomon Part 1
The Greater Key of Solomon Part 2
The Greater Key of Solomon Part 3

The use of Solomon's Key was a common practice by the many magicians and secret societies such as; Aleister Crowley, McGregor Mathers, The Golden Dawn, and the Rosicrucian society, Illuminati, Freemasons, and too many others to be named here.

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