Troll-A-Long with a Rent-A-Cop: A Thug Life Tour Guide to the Reno City Zoo (for Android)

This app features a streamable and downloadable version of the film "Troll-A-Long with a Rent-A-Cop: A Thug Life Tour Guide to the Reno City Zoo", with a bonus art gallery included.

Full Synopsis:

In a time of political turmoil, and just as U.S. President elect Donald J. Trump is sworn in as President of the United States, Special Agent Francis Beacon, a Soviet Union born Russian-American, U.S. Department of Justice recruit, and former Correctional Officer of a Maximum Security Prison, goes undercover and is assigned to investigate organized crime in what is dubbed as "The Biggest Little City In The World," that is; Reno, Nevada.

Initially, Beacon starts out by working part-time as a Transportation Security Officer for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration, where he begins his journey in an effort to unravel an organized crime racket being orchestrated by a criminal syndicate comprised of local thugs who have infiltrated the municipal government by bribing city officials. It isn't long after Beacon's arrival in Reno that things take a turn for the worst when a John Doe is killed in a staged car bombing by a local member of the mob, Quasimodo, as a part of a heinous plot devised to fake Quasimodo's death. The staged car bombing is labeled an "open and shut" case, and swept under the rug by insiders and city officials, only to further arouse Beacon's suspicions and encourage his investigative efforts as he discovers pertinent clues which spell out a conspiracy.

Possessing a specialized body of knowledge acquired through advanced education and training received through the FBI academy, and a background in fugitive recovery, prison security, and criminal investigations, Beacon sets out to locate the source of corruption which is plaguing the northern Nevada casino town, only to find himself on a goose chase, jumping from one security job to another as he follows clues to try and piece together the details to the case. From working airport security, to bouncing nightclubs, bank protection, federal protection services for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to even transporting millions of dollars for the mob while working undercover as an armored truck driver, and eventually, mobile patrol.

One day, while on patrol, Beacon receives an anonymous tip from a confidential human source, which brings him to an informant by the name of Melissa, who is romantically involved with a dirty cop by the name of Michael, and provides Beacon with critical pieces of information, disclosing a sophisticated multi-jurisdictional drug trafficking operation originating from Mexico and into the United States, with the killing of John Doe at the center of the scheme.

Beacon then discovers that the city's monarch; bought, paid for, and owned by the local mafia, is planning a coup to secede from the union in a treasonous attempt to usher in an egalitarian utopia, abusing her political power to suppress local wages, create crime, and destabilize the local economy. Beacon's investigation leads to a ripple effect and prompts the attention of federal authorities nationwide, from Southern California, to Maryland, and even Washington D.C., and stirs up controversy locally, placing Beacon at odds with the local mob.

As Beacon continues his work, and is placed under surveillance locally as he's pursued by a couple of dirty and disgruntled renegade agents who attempt to set road blocks to Beacon's investigation, and try to sabotage Beacon by falsifying information in a law enforcement database in hopes of duping other agents into believing that Beacon is one of the bad guys.

After being tipped off by his case agent about the renegades, Beacon decides to relocate, but not before finalizing and submitting his Sworn Affidavit to the U.S. Attorney's Office, securing a Grand Jury Indictment against the unusual suspects, which leads law enforcement to the largest nationwide political corruption, drug trafficking, and racketeering crack down in American history.

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